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Books are dead -- Long Live the eBook

eBOOKS by E. R. Crain, P.Eng.
The Future Is Already Here

I wrote my first technical paper in 1964, two years after graduating as an electrical engineer. I prepared and gave my first in-housse course in 1966 at GSI, and started doing courses for clients beginning in 1978.

In that era, everything was done by typewriter, drafting instruments, lettering guides, glue, and Scotch tape. Across the years the presentation materials evolved through "overheads" (8.5 x 11 inch copier films), to 35 mm slides, to computer image projectors. The course Reference Manuals moved from cheap copiers to expensive colour printers to eBooks (eTexts) in electronic format that can be delivered by email. Fifty years of technology advances -- and I still use some Scotch tape when needed.

More than 3000 students have used one or more of these Reference Manuals and another 1000 or so have purchased eBooks from my Petrophysical training website. If you are interested, head to

Many others have purchased my multi-media AV narrated slide shows with accompanying Reference Manuals for assisted self-study at home or in the office. Some University instructor's have used these training materials as the backbone of their course presentations.


Course Reference Manuals and Audio Visual Narrated Slide Shows
Can Be Ordered



 Crain's Petrophysical Handbook HTML Format, Delivered by Download
 Contains complete website contents, Computer Ready Math


 Crain's Integrated Petrophysics Basic Topics PPT Format
 13 Narrated AV Lectures plus Ref Manuals RF-01, 04, and 10


 Crain's Integrated Petrophysics Advanced Topics
 13 Narrated AV Lectures plus Ref Manuals RF-03, 05-09. 


 Crain's Integrated Petrophysics Unconventional
 13 Narrated AV Lectures plus Ref Manual RF-02


 Crain's Integrated Petrophysics Seismic Petrophysics
 14 Narrated AV Lectures plus Ref Manual RF-01, 05, and 07


 1 Each of Crain's Petrophysical Reference Manuals
 More than 1200 pages, full colour,
PDF Format


 Crain's Petrophysical PocketPal - 193 pages
 Integrated Petrophysics - Logs, Cores, Tests, Productivity


 Crain's Unconventional Reservoirs - 194 pages
Special Cases, TOC, CBM, Shale Gas, Tight Oil, much more


 Crain's Analyzing Ancient Logs  - 84 pages
sing Older Logs, Includes Russian Style Logs


 Crain's Logging Tool Theory - 91 pages  
 Add Depth to Basic Skills Open and Cased Hole


 Crain's Mechanical Properties - 89 pages
 Elastic Properties for Frac Design, Seismic, Stress Analysis


 Crain's Cement Integrity - 57 pages
Essential for Completion, Workover, Stimulation Design


 Crain's Seismic Petrophysics - 160 pages
Integrating Borehole and Seismic Petrophysics, Log Editing


 Crain's Dipmeter Omnibus - 228 pages
 Dipmeter/Image Logs, Calculations, Presentations, Analysis


 Crain's Fractured Reservoirs - 86 pages
Qualitative and Quantitative Evaluation


 Crain's Data Acquisition - 120 pages
 Wireline, LWD, MWD, Core, SCAL, GeoChem,Coal,XRD, more

AV Short Courses RF-03 through RF-09 are also available with narrated slideshows for use as self-study short courses HERE.