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The Vehicles In My Life
If you have read my Vision Loss page, you might appreciate that I haven't driven a car since 1984, and I miss the freedom to go where I wanted, when I want to. The memories of the miles and milestones in the cars are easy to bring back when I need them, by looking at the tiny photos on this page. Ah, the stories I could tell.

These are the cars I actually paid for. There were company cars in the early days -- a well worn Ford, a worse Chevy, a new Plymouth Fury, a Holden in Sydney, and a dismal Datsun un Calgary. Many memories here too, but not all are good ones.

My farm machinery is also shown at the bottom of the page - I drove this stuff up to around the year 2000, and the MF1200 garden tractor until 2014. After that, I stopped driving around in circles.

1959 Austin A55 Mk II               1948 MG-TD #1           1965 Austin A60 Stn Wagon        1967 MGB-GT        

1973 Mustang II GT             1947 MG-TC                    1982 Chevy S10

1949 MG-TD #2                 1976 Ford F250 and Trailer         1978 Eord Econoline

      MF 1200            MF 285 and Hesston Stackmaker     Caterpillar D-2

MF 210-4                     MF 2645                        MF 1805