Photo Essay

All photos on this page taken by E. R. Crain.

Completely off the grid with solar power and natural gas heat.

Meadow foxtail makes good grass, and in turn makes for healthy critters.

View of south pasture from the front window of the ranch house - pastoral and peaceful.

Raking hay in south pasture, as seen from living room.

All baled and ready to go. We upgraded to a stackmaker the following year.

How's that for nonchalance - breadloaf stacks were made with a Hesston stackmaker.

Fall colour spectacular - harvest is in the barn.

Moonrise after fall harvest
Click here to see photo showing craters and stars from handheld shot (1.6 Mb)

Frost on the trees at sunrise - calving season coming next.

The spring-fed creek runs all winter -  a rare sight in Alberta. This view
was taken from the side lawn.

Spring has sprung - here's the creek again, viewed from the side lawn.