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    Photo Roster - DSP&P Passenger Cars

These photo roster pages are a memorial to my garden railway which ran on the side lawn at my ranch house near the town of Rocky Mountain House, Alberta from 2002 to 2017.

This page includes models that are reasonable representations of DSP&P passenger car equipment. All of my passenger roster has been sold or donated, to downsize my collection to fit the condo.

Please scroll down to see photos of the unique DSP&P rolling stock that once graced the rails in my rock garden.



DSP&P 1:22.6 SCale Customized Passenger Cars
I bought these cars from an eBay vendor who had done a wonderful job customizing three Bachmann kits into reasonable representations of DSP&P combine #4 "Hall's Valley", DSP&P coach #5 "Leadville", and sleeper "South Park". I added the LGB single-door baggage car to the set as it is a good approximation of DSP&P #42. These four cars were donated to DSPPHS - see them on display at the Como Roundhouse, Como CO.

DSP&P "South Park"  Pullman Sleeping Car

DSP&P #5 "Leadville"  Coach

DSDSP&P #4 "Halls Valley"  Combine

DSP&P #42  Baggage Car

DSP&P 1:22.6 SCale LGB Passenger Cars
The silver roofs were painted black, which improved their appearance greatly  I renumbered these cars to give them reasonable DSP&P numbers. This was not one of my most successful projects. One combine and three passenger cars were donated to Breckenridge Historical Alliance. The balance went to RMGRS, Calgary.

DSP&P #16  Coach                                   DSP&P #17  Coach

DSP&P #23  Coach

DSP&P #24  Combine Coach                                       DSP&P #25  Combine Coach

DSP&P #812  Excursion Car

DSP&P #75  Combine Coach Caboose  Whimsical Model  Never ran on DSP&P

DSP&P #M1 Railbus Combine Coach  "Delton Doozie"  Model # D-3264D
Whimsical Model  Never ran on DSP&P


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