A Photo Essay on C&S #30

The RMH,L&N RR portrays the Denver, South Park and Pacific Railroad around 1880 to 1885, with some minor time-sliding so I can incorporate some interesting items of rolling stock, like a rotary snowplow and a Mack AB dump truck on a roll-on roll-off flatcar. I also run C&S Mogul #5 with its waycar #301 (LGB models) and C&S Consolidation #30. This is a one of a kind model built by David Fletcher for Aristocraft, as a prototype for a new product. It was never put into production, so this is one of my prized locomotives.

C&S #30 was a Baldwin built 2-8-0 Consolidation delivered to the DSP&P in 1880. It was originally numbered DSP&P #50 and became DSP&P #180 in 1885. Her sister, DSP&P #191, is at the Colorado Railway Museum.

This page includes a series of photos of C&S #30 at various points of interest on the RMH, L&N. Because the locomotive is "basic black", it is extremely difficult to obtain decent photos using only natural light. Camera is an ancient Canon digital point-and-shoot. Photos taken in 2014 by Sonja.

C&S #30 sneaks past the Pioneer grain elevator at Leaverite. The horse-drawn wagon with beer for the Black Hills Saloon has just crossed the track in front of the locomotive.

C&S #30 headed north at Lone Pine.

C&S #30 climbing Climax Hill, with the Climax yard and freight depot in the background.

C&S #30 at Glacier Station, after taking on water.

Headshot of C&S #30 and her short freight train, stopped for orders at Glacier.

C&S #30 southbound on the High Line, passing the first oilwell in Alberta.

This image shows why the High Line is called the High Line.

C&S #30 on Bridge 3.

C&S #30 on Bridge 4, silhouetted against the evening sky.

C&S #30 on Bridge 5.

Another shot on the bridge.

Number 30 at sunset., approaching the Randy Andy Mine at the Pallisades.