Work Trains

Maintenance of track and the right of way, and rescuing wrecks, are big issue on the Rocky Mountain House, Leaverite and Northern Railway. Specialized equipment and highly trained crews keep the tracks in shape (most of the time). The variety of work or maintenace-of-way (MOW) cars are shown in the photo essay below. Most of the work train is kitbashed from commercial rolling stock or parts to make each car a unique model.

This is the most fun I've had in a long time. I started with USA Trains work cars but backdated them into the 1880's, shortened the long flatcars to match the 27 foot LGB cars, put truss rod underframes under them, replaced modern trucks with archbar versions, and generally cluttered them up with tools, spare parts, and dirt -- lots of dirt. The wrecker, steam shovel, and pile driver started as regular LGB flatcars with JS Woodcraft steam shovel or home made parts. I also built more modern pile driver and steam shovel cars for a friend using diecast diesel powered hoisting cabs and booms.

See My Sale List of DSP&P MOW Equipment

My favorite train is my series of work train cars. These have been extensively modified - the long flatcars were shortened to take USA Trains truss rod underframes. This allows these cars to match the length of LGB equipment and negotiate the sharp curves without snagging scenery or looking silly. Lots of junk, dirt, tools, and supplies decorate each car. Click here for large image (240KB)  huge image (2.4 MB)


Steam Shovel O4 can be brought forward to clear the line of avalances and rock falls, or to widen a cut or clean up a ditch. The enclosed cab is a real comfort to the crew in the minus 40 temperatures of the Northern winters. This is kitbashed from an LGB flatcar and a JS Woodcrafts steam shovel with the track assembly removed.


Add a diesel powered shovel for a more modern ditcher.

Starting with steam shovel parts and some Ozark Miniatures pulley blocks,
a wrecking crane appears, loosely following a DSP&P folio drawing.

The wrecking crane tender/boom car includes lots of tools, parts,
rope, chains, junk, and a guard goat.

The pile driver uses the same steam hoist with a free lanced mast holding
the pile driver's hammer.

The derrick car was backdated by shortening the flat car
and adding a truss rod underframe.

The USA Trains rail and tie car was also shortned and loaded
with .... rails and ties.

Also shortened, the work caboose has tools and equipment storage.

          The truck and wheel cars are less interesting but are an essential part of any wrecking consist.

Outfit cars just need to look used and dirty.The railroad name has long since worn off. These are the bunk and kitchen cars for both the work and snow trains, and have been modified to include the simulated wood roof of the era.