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Denver, South Park and Pacific Railroad
DSP&P Freight Cars In Colour

The following photos of models are intended to show the appearance of DSP&P freight equipment in the 1875 - 1885 era - the period before the Union Pacific takeover. Baased on detailed research by the builders, these are probably the best photos of DSP&P rolllng stock available today. There will always be some disagreement about exact colours -, especially about whether the reefers were white or yellow. I personally favour white, based on the photos pf the original cars in use.

BELOW: Cimarron Car Works Sn3 DSP&P Freight Cars c.1883 



















DSP&P #1437, the prototype for the Cimmaron model (above), circa 1884.

BELOW:, Hartford Products photos of their DSP&P 1:20 scale craftsman kits.

Above 5 photos: Hartford Products 1:20.3 scale DSP&P freight cars. These are beautifully
designed and accurate craftsman kits.

BELOW: Some accurate models by noted modelers.

Two of Ron Rudnick's beautiful HOn3 models

A 1:20.3 model of a 31 foot DSP&P charcoal car by Peter Bunce

Peter's model of a conventional DSP&P boxcar

Comparative size of the charcoal boxcar and the normal car.

Source unknown.

BELOW:  these are not photographs, but 3-D computer renderings by Bill Gould.






BELOW: Andrew Dodge was a great DSP&P modeler. Here are a few of his very fine scratch built On3 cars.
See his railway story HERE.