Denver, South Park and Pacific Railroad
DSP&P Freight Cars In Colour

The following photos of models are intended to show the appearance of DSP&P freight equipment in the 1875 - 1885 era - the period before the Union Pacific takeover. Baased on detailed research by the builders, these are probably the best photos of DSP&P rolllng stock available today. There will always be some disagreement about exact colours -, especially about whether the reefers were white or yellow. I personally favour white, based on the photos pf the original cars in use.

BELOW: Cimarron Car Works Sn3 DSP&P Freight Cars c.1883 



















DSP&P #1437, the prototype for the Cimmaron model (above), circa 1884.

BELOW:, Hartford Products photos of their DSP&P 1:20 scale craftsman kits.

Above 5 photos: Hartford Products 1:20.3 scale DSP&P freight cars. These are beautifully
designed and accurate craftsman kits.

Two accurate DSP&P laser-cut models (above) from The Leaadville Shops, available in HO, S, and O scales.

BELOW: Some accurate models by noted modelers.

Two of Ron Rudnick's beautiful HOn3 models

A 1:20.3 model of a 31 foot DSP&P charcoal car by Peter Bunce

Peter's model of a conventional DSP&P boxcar

Comparative size of the charcoal boxcar and the normal car.

Source unknown.

 Source unknown. 

Some people think the Tiffany reefers could be straw yellow. Here are two On3 modelsfor comparison.


BELOW:  these are not photographs, but 3-D computer renderings by Bill Gould.






BELOW: Andrew Dodge was a great DSP&P modeler. Here are a few of his very fine scratch built On3 cars.
See his railway story HERE.