Denver, South Park and Pacific Railroad
DSP&P Passenger Cars In Colour

The following photos of DSP&P models are intended to show the appearance of DSP&P passenger equipment in the 1875 - 1885 era - the period before the Union Pacific takeover. Baased on detailed research by the builders, these are probably the best photos of DSP&P rolllng stock available today.

The generic Mantua HO scale and LGB G scale cars lettered for DSP&P are not shown on this page as they are not accurate enough to be used as modeling guides. There is no shortage of passenger equipment models in all scales for D&RGW, but none of them represent those on the DSP&P.

BELOW: Deerfield River Laser Models On3 Quik-Kits
These are the most innovative passenger car kits to appear in a long time and the only accurate DSP&P passenger cars produced in any scale. The laser cut sides and ends are applied to Bachmann On30 passenger car underframes and roofs. A little kit bashing is needed for the longer cars, using four roof/underframe sets to make three cars. Some car lengths are a little off (not more than 3 feet) but this is a small trade-off for some fabulous models.

These cars sides are the first ever with panels instead of tongue and groove siding, as delivered to the DSP&P in the 1874 -1878 era. Even the plaque for the car name is included in the laser cut sidewalls.


DSP&P 1 "Auraria" 1874 Combine 31 foot body

DSP&P 2 "Denver" 1874 Coach 31 foot body

DSP&P 3 and 5 "Geneva" and "Leadville" 1878 Coach 40 foot body

DSP&P 4 "Hall's Valley" Coach 1878 40 foot body

DSP&P Pullman "South Park" "Leadville" "Bonanza" "San Juan" 1879 40 foot body

DSP&P 051 Paycar 1880 31 foot body

DSP&P 40, 41, and 45 Baggage 1878 31 foot body