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Denver, South Park and Pacific Railroad
Timetables, Schedules, Certificates, Passes

Some people collect model rtrains, or books, or artwork, depicting their favourite railways.  Some people collect paper momentos. Here are reproductions of a few such articles for your enjoyment, gathered from various sources. Take a look at the fancy fonts and engraved artwork!

DSP&P Timetables

circa 1885, front cover with DSP&P Mogul #74, back cover tells the whole story

1885 Inside

1887 outside

1887 Inside

1887 Inside Timetable

1887 Inside Pull-out

 1888 and 1898 

DSP&P Schedule 1889 

DSP&P Certificates circa 1889 

DSP&P Passes

DSP&P One Trip Pass 1879                           DL&G Pass 1896

DL&G 1895

DL&G 1895  Two colour drop shading on front