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DSP&P Memorabilia

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Denver, South Park and Pacific Railroad

DSP&P Memorabilia

Souvenirs that commemorate a little known railway that died more than 125 years ago are pretty rare but they do exist and come in unexpected forms. The images here show items in  my personal collection.









<== 1989 Granada postage stamp featured DSP&P Mason Bogie #15 "Breckemridge",

Artist unknown, shown about 4 times original size.


Haro style sqitch stand:
One-sixth scale model has 3 slots on the top edge of the harp to position the lever arm, which is locked in place with a key placed in the slot. Created by Ralph's Railroad, Denver CO.==>

        Alpine Tunnel Commemorative Belt Buckle
            Artist: C.A. McVicar 1977, #38 of 1000

A 1947 Calendar with the "San Juan" builder's photo of 1879

Here's a wonderful piece of wall-art produced in the 1970's. It consists of a brass-coloured plaque with DSP&P Cooke Mogul #111 (#69 before 1885)  and a beautiful arch-windowed coach, possibly DSP&P #57, 58, or 59 (#7, 9, 10 before 1885). This is mounted on a mahogany base, along with a complete weather station consisting of French-made thermometer, barometer, and humidity meter., all still in working order.
Created by Highline West, mid 1970's.

A commemorative cover postmarked 25 Aug 1983 at Gunnison CO with South Park logo, issued by Ferro-Phile, depicting a DSP&P passenger train on a trestle, limited edition #357 of 500 signed on reverse by the artist. Stamps include a 3 cent of 1950 honouring railroad engineers, a 13 cent honouring Crazy Horse, and a 4 cent illustrating a stage coach of the 1890's, both issued in 1982.

Passenger train at Alpine Tunnel, C&S fancy logo          Double headed freight train , CB&Q black logo
limited edition #316 of 500                          limited edition #304 of 500

Unused cover 25th Annual Rocky Mountain Philatelic Exposiion (ROMPEX), Denver 1974
 commemorating 100th anniversary of Denver South Park and Pacific Railroad charter

Postcard: DSP&P #15 "Breckenridge", no date or publisheer noted on reverse.

Postcard: Passenger train on Alpine Pass. On reverse: "Kindig Collection", no date.

Postcard: Snow shovellers on Alpine Pass near Woodstock CO 1880. On reverse: "Kindig Collection", no date.

Postcard: "Action at Rolling Stone Curve" (Platte Canyon), no date or publisheer noted on reverse.