Denver, South Park and Pacific Railroad
Robert Grandt's DSP&P Roster Reference Lists

This page contains etracts from Robert Grandt's coverage of locomotives, waycars, and MOW cars
from "Narrow Gauge Pictorial" Volumes VI and VIII. These lists all take us into the C&S era, which is a big help in cross-referencing C&S plans and folios back to their DSP&P roots. Robert's coverage of the DSP&P waycars is especially valuable in sorting out the many renumberings, as well as the timing of appearances and disappearances over their long liftime.


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Robert Grandt's LOCOMOTIVE Roster List  1900
from "Narrow Gauge Pictorial" Volumes VI. DSP&P locos scrapped before 1900 are not included.


C&S PASSENGER CARS 1899 and 1906
from "Narrow Gauge Pictorial" Volumes VIII. List below includes cars from Colorado Central.


DSP&P / DL&G WAYCARS 1885 to 1902
Extract from "Narroe Gauge Pictorial", Vol VIII


DSP&P / DL&G MOW EQUIPMENT 1885 to 1934
Extract from "Narroe Gauge Pictorial", Vol XIII
        C&S 1900 number in left hand column