Denver, South Park and Pacific Railroad

DSP&P Folio Drawings: Freight Cars

There are no C&S folio drawings for DSP&P freight equipment representing cars built before 1900, except for some cabooses that had been converted from DSP&P waycars. Some features on these folios did not exist on the DSP&P waycars, in particular the ladders and cupolas. The dimensions on the folios may be helpful.


The DSP&P waycars were renumbered in 1894 to the DL&G 1500 series and again in 1899 to C&S 300 series, finally ending up in C&S 1000 series in 1912. The correlation chart from Narrow Guage Pictorial Vol VII is shown below.


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DSP&P Waycar #65 (later DL&G #1503)
Then C&S 304 (later 1003)  before cupola was installed

DSP&P Waaycar #69 (later DL&G #1507) and DSP&P #76 (later DL&G #1514)
Then C&S 306 (later 1005) and C&S 310 (later 1008)


DSP&P Waycar #73 (later DL&G #1511)
Then C&S 308 (later 1006)


DSP&P Waycar #75 (later DL&G #1513)
Then C&S 309 (later 1007)