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Denver, South Park and Pacific Railroad

DSP&P Folio Drawings: Maintenance of Way (MOW)

The C&S folios cover a number of maintenance of way units built before 1900 that represent  DSP&P or DL&G MOW equipment. The dimensions and layouts may be helpful for modeling earlier versions.



DSP&P Rotary Snowplow #011 (later DL&G #064)
C&S #99200


DSP&P Flangers 05, 06 (1885), later DL&G Flangers #05 to 08
Then C&S Flangers #013 to 016

DSP&P Derrick #0103 ??
Then C&S Wrecking Crane #099

DSP&P had outfit, tool, and truck cars similar but probably older than those showm below.


C&S 27 Foot Outfit Car 068

C&S 27 Foot Outfit Car 071

C&S 28 Foot Outfit Car 080

C&S 30 Foot Truck Car 084

C&S 30 Foot Tool and Block Car 088 (Wrecking Crane Tender)

C&S 30 Foot Cinder Cars 0100 to 0108

C&S 30 Foot Dump Cars 0200 to 0208

C&S Rotary Snowplow 99201

C&S Rotary Snowplow 99210 (exterior)

C&S Rotary Snowplow 99210 (interior)