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Denver, South Park and Pacific Railroad

DSP&P Plans by John Maxwell

The late John Maxwell was renowned for his well researched drawings of Colorado narrow gauge equipment and structures. I purchased a set of Maxwells plans from an estate auction that covered a wide range of his drawings. Those that pertain to DSP&P era equipment are shown here. My copies appear to be very old photocopies or blackline pronts on very soft paper that will not stand much handling. I have no idea how complete the set is. John's son Bruce managed the Maxwell Collection for a few years but he too has passed away. I don't know where the collection is now.


All images displayed below have been reduced in size. There are 3 locomotives, 3 passenger cars, and 7 freight cars in the DSP&P section. All were drawn in the late 1950's and 1960's.

DSP&P 2-6-6T  Mason Bogie #15 "Breckenridge"

DSP&P 2-8-0 Cooke and BLW Consolidation

DSP&P 2-6-0 Cooke Mogul #71

DSP&P Pullman Sleepers "Bonanza", "San Juan", "Leadville"


DSP&P Coach #9

DSP&P Baggage Express Cars #40, 41, 45

DSP&P 26 Foot Flat Cars 100 to 299 and DSP&P 1100 to 1299

DSP&P 26 Foot Coal Cars 300 to 499

DSP&P 27 Foot Box Cars 500 to 899

DSP&P 27 Foot Box Car 608 (before DSP&PHS Restoration)

DSP&P 26 Foot Refrigerator Cars 505 to 511 and 555 to 559

DSP&P 27 Foot Refrigerator Cars 1050 to 1064

DSP&P 26 Foot Stock Cars 1200 to 1208