Denver, South Park and Pacific Railroad

DSP&P / C&S Plans by John Maxwell

The late John Maxwell was renowned for his well researched drawings of Colorado narrow gauge equipment and structures. I purchased a set of Maxwells plans from his estate auction that covered a wide range of his drawings. Those that pertain to DSP&P era equipment are shown here. My copies appear to be very old photocopies or blackline prints on very soft paper that will not stand much handling. I have no idea how complete the set is. John's son Bruce managed the Maxwell Collection for a few years but he too has passed away. I don't know where the original drqwings are now.


All images displayed below have been reduced in size. These plans are for cars that were on the DSP&P that made it to the C&S era. Remember to add end platforms to the baggage cars. Caboose cupolas came late in DL&G or early C&S eras. For a relatively complete index of John Maxwell's plans, CLICK HERE.

A note on the excursion car plan shows some dates from 1883, possibly on the CC Georgetown Loop, but could also be DSP&P out of Denver.

DSP&P 900 Series Charcoal and Box Cars

DSP&P 1000 Series Charcoal and Box Cars

C&S Cabooses Rebuilt From DSP&P Waycars 69, 76

DSP&P Cabooses 69, 76, 73, 75,
C&S Cabooses 1005 (307), 1008 (310), 1006 (308), 1007 (309)


DSP&P Flangers  05, 06 (1885)  / DL&G Flangers 05 to 08
C&S Flangers 013 to 016

DSP&P Combine #1 "Auraria" and DSP&P #6,  later #700 and 701
C&S #122 (later #22) and C&S #123 (later #23)

DSP&P Baggage Cars #40, 41, and 45, later #1000 to 1002
C&S Baggage Cars #101 to 104 (later #1 to 4)

Similar to DSP&P #42 -- 44  later 1300 -- 1302
C&S Baggage Mail Express #110 -- 112 later 10 -- 12)

DSP&P / DL&G Observation Cars #??? Built UP 1883
C&S Observation Cars #132 to 138

C&S Coaches #168 to 171 (later #70 to 73 Built 1896 St Charles