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With more than 200 exhibits and attractions spread over 127 acres of parkland, Heritage Park Historical Village has a lot to offer history buffs and railroad fans. Live steam train rides, restored turn of the century amusement rides, an auto museum, and heritage buildings offering homemade cinnamon buns, ice cream, and full meals appeal to everyone. Antique cars, a 1905 bus, a horse drawn bus, a working railroad turntable, a paddlewheel cruise ship on the reservoir, and a replica of the first oil well drilling rig in Alberta are just a few of the operating exhibits.

The Park is 50 years old (2014) which makes it a historic site that is itself a historic site. Most of the restored buildings date back 75 to 100 years ago. The railway equipment covers the period from open platform passenger cars of the late 1800s to the 1949 vintage 2-10-4 Selkirk, CPR #5931 on display. The working steamers are ex US Army 0-6-0 switchers, painted as CPR #2023 and 2024. CPR 2018 is a dieselized 0-6-0, used rarely. An operating restored Calgary streetcar carries passengers from the parking lot to the Park gates.

CPR 5934 on display in 1968 in downtown Calgary, before she was moved to the Park. Renumbered to its original #5931 in 1991.

CPR #2024 at the grain elevator =>

The normal Heritage Park passenger train consist is either 2023 or 2024 and passenger cars Morrissey, Fernie & Michel Ry #62 and 63, built around 1885; as well as Canadian National Observation Car #15097, built in 1892. A freight with box car, stock car, tanker, and caboose is also run, with other special cars on display at the roundhouse. On Railway Days, both freight and passenger trains are run, as well as double-header passenger trains and turntable demonstrations.

A diesel powered replica of the SS Moyie, a sternwheel paddle steamer, cruises Glenmore reservoir beside the Park. The original paddle wheeler was built in 1898 and sits fully restored as a National Historic Site in Kaslo, BC. The ride runs about 45 minutes and is the most peaceful thing you can do in Calgary, short of canoeing the Reservoir at sunrise in June.

The following pre-digital photos were taken at Railway Days sometime in the late 1990's. It was dull and rainy so the photos lack that great Kodachrome colour.



The double ended street car carries patrons from the parking lot to the park gates. Calgary Municipal #14 is a restored original car; #15 was built from spare parts with a brand new body to match #14 (after these photos were taken).

Trains run all day at Railway Days, with a passenger, a freight, a mixed, and a double-header alternating around the loop, making for a lot of similar but different photo opportunities.

CPR 0-6-0 #2023

CPR 0-6-0 #2024

There are more than 200 historic structures in the Park; almost all are open to the public May through October. The auto museum and some other activities are open year round. 

CPR 0-6-0 #2023 with the Dingman #1 oilwell replica in the background.

Dingman #1 oilwell replica