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Train Time In Tulsa

Tulas is not the first place you would go to see exotic trains. Fiji or Hong Kong are better, but business took me there on numerous occassions from 2006 to 2009. The BNSF mainline goes right through downtown Tulsa, a block from the hotel, each train whistling at a sequence of 6 level crossings. A huge variety of motive power, unit trains, and switching maneuvers made for interesting post-dinner entertainment. Photos below were taken by Sonja.

BNSF brags that it is the largest single user of diesel fuel in the USA, most of it used to move coal to power plants. In this more eco-friendly decade, I'm not sure this is anything BNSF should be proud of.

Tulsa is also home to Route 66, the famous 1930's "Mother Road" between Chicago and Los Angeles. And the art-deco office buildings are a real treat compared to most glass-towered downtown cores. For model train fans, there is Ollie's, a classic roadside diner filled with operating Lionel and LGB trains. The food is 1960's style, heavy on the gravy, but well worth the 15 minute drive. Special thanks to all the staff at TU / CESE who looked after us so well.


Inside Ollie's -  model train collection, old time food, and BNSF tracks out-side the windows - on US Route 66, 15 minutes west of downtown Tulsa.








                                                                                          The bulletproof Tulsa transfer caboose in 2009